About Us

Each product is focused on re-balancing natural wellness, restoring health and reducing pain through cellular nutrition by providing the fuel that feeds the body's cells at the problem site. Because we believe it's a simple idea and a simple to recognize concept that only the body can heal itself,... but we also acknowledge that the body can only do so when given the proper tools and the needed building blocks. The products can be used together and in some cases this, in fact, may produce quicker results.

Naturalz is an all natural, chemical free 'No-Analgesic' pain cream. The ingredients come from whole-foods, prepared in a way that maintains the attributes and the integrity of the nutritive source. All ingredients are specifically chosen for their ability to be accepted topically. There are no waxes, no artificial or synthetic fillers, nor anything else that might make them look pretty on a store shelf, but ineffective on a human body.